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EverWave Filtration Azure 4-Stage RO System

RO tank image.png

EverWave Filtration Azure 4-Stage RO System

The EverWave Filtration Azure 4-Stage RO System brings delicious, “bottled water” quality drinking water right to your home. Our system achieves this desired result in four stages: sediment to clear out larger particles, block carbon to remove chlorine, reverse osmosis (RO) to remove contaminants, and the final stage, coconut carbon, to ensure that the water is as tasty as it is clean.

RO systems are some of the most well-known, sought after water filtration systems on the market today. Their unique cleansing process, which is able to remove up to 99% of contaminants, is one of the main reasons for their popularity. At EverWave, we bring the sometimes complex RO filtration process to you in a simple and accessible way.

Our system comes with impressive features, including a 3.2 gallon tank, a new chrome faucet, and a state of the art LED control panel. It also includes an extremely helpful manual that walks you through everything from the pre-installation to the yearly cartridge replacements. Any issues that could arise are covered in the troubleshooting section, preemptively answering any questions that might come up.

Affordably priced and effective, the EverWave Filtration Azure 4-Stage RO System is the perfect addition to any household!

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