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EverWave Onyx 4-Stage UF Filtration System

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EverWave Onyx 4-Stage UF Filtration System

The Onyx 4-Stage Filtration System is a simple under-sink installation for home use. This system provides quality drinking water in four stages: sediment to remove debris, block carbon to remove chlorine, UF membrane to filter out micro-impurities, and a final carbon filter for taste adjustment.  These four stages of filtration guarantee that the water in your home is not only safe to drink but tastes good as well!

Any hassles or worries will be easily avoided with this system. The thorough and helpful manual provides information about the tools needed, precautions to take, and troubleshooting tips. Everything from installation to cartridge replacement is easy to manage thanks to this system’s seamless design!

The Onyx 4-Stage UF System comes with an impressive chrome faucet for your newly filtered water. This system utilizes its four stages to effectively remove any unwanted debris, odor, and taste. Ultimately, this system not only filters water but enhances it as well!

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