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Ultrafiltration Systems - Commercial Grade

EverWave Filtration ultrafiltration drinking water systems offer a 4-stage membrane filtration at the point of use. No waste, no tank. Learn more today.

Ultrafiltration Systems

EverWave Filtration's four-stage ultrafiltration system is designed for drinking water applications. The system conveniently fits undersink and includes multiple stages of filtration for better tasting and better quality water. Easy change filter cartridges make maintenance a breeze. The EverWave Filtration point of use system does not require a tank or waste any water in filtration. Plus, it is a cost efficient option that can be installed on practically any sink. Our systems are commercial grade, and designed to be installed by a plumbing professional.

Our Filtration Systems

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Onyx 4-Stage UF Filtration System

Our seamlessly designed water filtration system. A no hassle, easy to use unit that will exceed your filtration expectations!

How Ultrafiltration Works

Ultrafiltration (sometimes shortened to UF) is the name given to a point of use system that employs a membrane filter to reduce contaminants. Membrane filters remove particulates down to the sub-micron level, providing better-tasting and better quality water right at your sink.

Unfiltered water is diverted from the supply line, into the filtration system. Water travels through each stage of filtration, down through each filter cartridge and into the next. The final filtration stage is the membrane filter. Most ultrafiltration applications involve the installation of a second faucet that is used only for the filtered water. Filtered water leaves the membrane filter and travels to the secondary faucet for drinking and cooking.

Stages of Filtration

Ultrafiltration systems are often described by the number of stages they include. A stage is simply another process the water goes through. If an ultrafiltration system has four cartridges that the water passes through like the EverWave Filtration unit, it is called a four-stage system.

Benefits of Ultrafiltration

There are other types of filtration systems outside of ultrafiltration. Some features of UF do offer benefits over the others however. For instance, unlike RO filtration, UF does not require a holding tank for filtered water. Ultrafiltration systems filter water on demand and deliver it directly to the faucet. This means more room under your sink.

Ultrafiltration systems also do not produce any waste water. They use all the water from the supply, simply filtering out contaminants. This is especially key in areas affected by draught and scarce water resources.

Lastly, EverWave ultrafiltration systems are cost effective. Our drinking water systems offer premium quality at a great value. Clean, great-tasting water makes for a higher quality of life, and peace of mind for you and your family. Learn more about our EverWave Filtration UF drinking water systems today, and equip your home or business with better water.