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Water Softeners for Resellers (Distributors)

EverWave Filtration water softener systems are designed to soften hard water and provide better quality water and better filtration performance.

Water Softeners

Water with high mineral content, also known as hard water, can negatively impact everyday life in a number of ways.  While not actually dangerous, hard water is certainly inconvenient, leaving spots on clean dishes and causing discoloration to laundry. However, these minor inconveniences can turn into costly problems once the build-up of minerals, namely calcium and magnesium, begins to affect pipes or water heaters. This build-up can lead to flow reduction in pipes and extreme inefficiency in water heaters—costs that could break the bank in the long-run.

Luckily, water softeners exist to save the day! By using ion exchange, water softeners replace the harsh calcium and magnesium with sodium and polystyrene beads to dull the overall effect of the minerals. The water softener’s mineral tank creates water that will not stain your faucets, dishes, or bathtubs. The difference made by soft water is one that is unexpected but major. Soap becomes more effective, water runs easier, and the difference is palpable in daily life.

EverWave Filtration will soon be offering this useful piece of equipment. Coming soon, you will have the chance to see for yourself the impact a water softener can make in your household!